Seeing is Believing

March 11, 2011

If this doesn’t convince Microsoft to drop its phony currency and start using ordinary money for in-game purchases, nothing will!  Recently, an online exploit shook over a million dollars in Microsoft Points from the company’s pockets.  Microsoft has promised swift retribution against those responsible, although they’re not going into specifics.  Just know that if you were one of the accomplices in the Great Microsoft Points Caper of 2011, you might find yourself without an Xbox Live account in the very near future.  Crime doesn’t pay, folks… not even in Itchy and Scratchy money.

Okay, with the news out of the way, I’d like to share a couple of snapshots I’ve taken over the last few days.  I couldn’t help but notice something odd about Tuesday’s episode of Jeopardy!…

Harley… Quinn?  Somehow I have a hard time believing that was a coincidence, especially with the winner from the day before and that other contestant positioned right next to each together.  Doesn’t the champ usually stand at the left podium?

By the way, last night’s Wheel of Fortune?  Spectacular!  There was a contestant named Philip who was one tightly wound ball of puzzle-solving energy.  He made the episode one for the highlight reel from the moment the game began… after someone rang in with the wrong answer for the first toss-up puzzle, Philip hammered his buzzer with enough speed to make even Master Higgins jealous.  After three seconds of the buzzer failing to respond, he lifted it toward the camera, still jabbing the button furiously, while frantically pointing at it with the other hand!

After winning the game, he solved the prize puzzle with just four revealed letters, then proceeded to go into nuclear meltdown on camera.  They don’t invite returning contestants on Wheel anymore, but they might want to consider making an exception for this guy.  The ratings would be worth it.

All right, here’s the other snapshot.  While shopping a couple of weeks ago, I found a cereal called Super C Crunch.  It’s pretty good, but I’ve never been able to finish a bowl without help.



  1. Why do you think the Cinnamon Toast Crunch had three guys on the front? They were worried that Super C was going to roll up and spoil their day.

    I feel bad I missed Wheel of Fortune. I think I was too busy watching The 100 Most Shocking Music Moments. It’s comfort schlock.

    • Never heard of that. Is that on E! or VH1?

      • Yeah, it’s was a VH1 one-shot. I find them far more amusing than the other “this period in pop culture” shows. It may be the variety or the subject matter.

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