Hot Dog! (Okamiden Released)

March 14, 2011

I was playing Dungeon Hunter II on my iPhone earlier this evening, and the hours just vanished. I can’t blame Daylight Savings Time on that one! If you grabbed this action RPG during the brief ninety-nine cent sale, you’ve made a very wise choice indeed.

Here’s a heads-up for those Nintendo DS owners out there who aren’t ready to upgrade to the new system… after a year of underground buzz, Okamiden will finally be released in the United States tomorrow. It’s already been beaten into your head by the press, but I’ll take the opportunity to re-remind you that this is the pint-sized sequel to Okami, Capcom’s action-adventure title with a distinctive Japanese look.

If you can believe it, Okami made its premiere on the Playstation 2 nearly five years ago! It’s a span of time that seemed almost incomprehendible to me when I was a child. I remember when I first rented The Legend of Zelda, and looked at the sticker on the back of the cartridge. “This Game Pak uses battery back-up for saved games. The battery has a lifespan of roughly five years,” it cautioned. I thought to myself, “Who will even be playing this in five years?” Oh, fourteen year old Jess, if only you knew!


One comment

  1. 5 years for the battery life was a very conservative estimate for Zelda (no doubt because it was still a new idea).
    My copy of the 1st Zelda game lasted for at least 20 years. It might even still work, as I haven’t tested it in a while.

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