You Have Awoken The Sleeping Giant

March 15, 2011

So, there’s this video floating around the internet with a large Australian kid being antagonized by some spindly little jerk.  The twerp is just begging for a fight, taunting the gentle giant and even sinking a fist into his jaw.  His friends find it all very amusing, until this happened.

Kubiak here grabs the punk as he tries to slap him, picks him up over his head, and slams him onto the pavement, executing a sloppy but brutally effective power bomb.  The little bastard picks himself off the floor and hobbles around in a daze, before escaping the watchful eye of the camera (presumably to cry in a corner somewhere).  One of his friends attempt to resume the bullying, but after a brief confrontation, the super-sized sixth grader leaves him behind and lumbers off into the sunset.

Why the heck am I mentioning this here?  Well, the internet has nicknamed him Little Zangief, which is cute, but also wrong.  Given his country of origin and preferred signature move, calling him Little Big Bear (or Less Rubenesque Raiden, if you prefer) would be a lot closer to the mark.  Whatever you call him, his opponent will forever be known as “pwned.”

Four thousand miles away, Japan is still reeling from the one-two punch of an earthquake and a tsunami, with a nuclear meltdown possible in the near future.  If you’d like to help in the relief effort and score some great games in the process, check out the iPhone sales currently being held by Sega and Capcom.  The impossibly good iOS conversion of Street Fighter IV is just ninety-nine cents, and a handful of Sonic titles are being sold at reduced prices, with all of the proceeds going to the Red Cross.

One other thing!  Abasm from the GameSpite forums wrote about his first experience with the Nintendo 3DS, which I strongly recommend you read if you’re curious about the system but don’t yet have the cash for one.  If you can’t afford it, well, you’re in good company.


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