Bully Basher Alpha 2

March 17, 2011

Yeah, I had to do this.  Sometimes I get the itch to do videos, even if they’re silly, insubstantial ones like this.

Bully Basher Alpha 2 from Jess Ragan on Vimeo.

There’s another Casey video similar to this one, but even better… you’ll find it here.

So hey, I was hanging out at Best Buy, and had a chance to try the Nintendo 3DS for a couple of minutes.  I’m not sold on the 3D effect… the depth is there, but it’s hard to find the sweet spot with the slider on the side of the unit.  Furthermore, it’s hard to get excited about that “window to another world” when it’s the size of a couple of saltine crackers.  However, the system does deliver on its promise of offering a Wii-quality experience on the go, and that’s all I really wanted.  I’m also excited about Pilotwings, for the first time ever.  The Super NES game was a flat tech demo and its Nintendo 64 sequel suffered from touchy control, but the 3DS version could be the one that makes me a fan of the series.


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