March 19, 2011

So, Reginald Fils-Aime has been comparing homebrew game developers to American Idol contestants, implying that they’re vapid wannabees not worthy of the industry’s attention.  Funny he should mention that, because Reggie reminds me of a guy I saw on television once too!

I’ve never gotten any traction with the Dick York meme, but I’ll beat that drum ’till my dying day, I swear it!

Seriously though, Reggie’s attitude is fifty thousand kinds of wrong.  I know, I promised that I was going to put on a happy face, accentuate the positive, and blow smoke up your asses just like you wanted, but your asses are going to have to get by with a nicotine patch today.  This deserves a response, and I’m not going to sugarcoat it.

Fils-A-Moron is trying to spin his snub of homebrewers as a quality control issue, but when you see the kind of garbage that passes for games on both WiiWare and DSiWare, you know that’s not Nintendo’s primary (or secondary, or tertiary) concern.  The company is quite happy with publishers pumping sludge onto their formats as long as they get their extortionate licensing fees first.  Independent developers can’t afford them, so Nintendo throws them under the bus… then backs over them for good measure.

This dashes all hope I had of the 3DS having a vibrant online marketplace.  Granted, the fact that 3DSWare won’t even be available until May should have been enough proof that Nintendo wasn’t going to take its online store seriously.  However, the company’s decision to go public with its contempt for homebrewers removes all doubt.

Come on, Nintendo.  You’ve publicly acknowledged that Apple is both a legitimate competitor and a serious threat.  The support from thousands of developers, both great and small, is a major reason why.  All the fresh new ideas in the video game industry are coming to Apple’s systems first, because the people responsible for them can actually afford to publish games on the format.  If you don’t open your doors to these underground developers now, they’ll turn their backs on you when they become famous later.  Do I have to draw a map for you, or lead you by the hand to this very obvious point?

Anyway, there are three new iPhone reviews.  Good night and good luck.



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  2. It is already happening in a sense. Ghost Trick was made available on the DS in America and then announced for iDevices shortly thereafter. I don’t know the sales numbers, but if Capcom is testing those waters, other developers are sure to follow.

    At the same time, I would much rather play a handheld game on a device made for those games. I am willing to wait for the price to drop on the 3DS and its games before I grab one. Nintendo and Apple are fighting for a similar market share, but they are doing so on a different enough level that they can both turn a solid profit. Reggie’s backpedaling be damned.

    Also, I had never noticed the resemblance between Dick and Reggie. Also also, it’s weird seeing Bewitched in color.

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