Super Duper Street Fighter IV

March 29, 2011

Rumor has it that Capcom’s got another upgrade planned for Street Fighter IV.  Sorry guys, but I’m not biting this time, especially one DAY after the launch of Super Street Fighter IV for the 3DS.  I was onboard for the previous game (and with all the new features, who wouldn’t be?) but I’m not paying another forty dollars just so I can play as Evil Ryu and those dopey twins from Street Fighter III.

By the waaaay, the 3DS was just released yesterday.  People seem pretty happy with the device so far, but there are already complaints about the screen size (from EGM alum Chris Johnston) and abbreviated battery life.  Remember when you could count on a Nintendo handheld to give you at least eight solid hours of gaming on a fresh set of batteries?  Ah, those were the days!  Then again, none of those other handhelds packed the punch of a portable Wii, either…

Before I go, I’d like to thank reader Gogogoldberg for his generous donation.  I’ve made arrangements with the landlord to stay at the apartment for another couple of weeks, but this will cover various other pressing expenses.  Speaking of that, I’ve still got plenty of games to sell, so if you’re interested, make me some offers!


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